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Design leadership for product-led brands

For over fifteen years, I’ve run studios and managed distributed teams on work that unites creative direction, user experience, and product innovation. I’ve launched products, grown global brands, and developed strategic initiatives to help companies adapt to changing landscapes.

There’s a downside to great client work, which is that it keeps ending. My team will develop and launch something we love, and then move on to the next context. What I want now is to apply my experience and approach to something special, and manage its long-term growth. That’s why I’m looking for a design leadership role at a company where the product is the brand.

I’m now interviewing, with the goal of onboarding in Q3 2022. If the approach and work shown here look like a good fit for your company, let’s talk.

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My approach

The product is the brand

For product-led companies, the software is the brand. I oversee design systems that elevate the product experience, driving customer growth and retention at every touchpoint.

Bridge executive and creative

Holistic strategies are only possible when designers understand business vision and positioning, and C-suite understands design vision and roadmap. I work closely with both executive and creative teams to develop campaigns and initiatives in service of brand awareness and sustainable growth, and then own through launch.

Grow supportive, high-performing teams

I run teams that support one another in pursuit of exceptional work, and actively foster a design culture built on collaboration, critique, and respect.

Management is mentorship

Throughout my career I’ve had the pleasure and privilege to identify and nurture diverse talent, providing mentorship and career growth advice to colleagues and direct reports.

High-level and detail-oriented

Creative work takes many forms, from research-driven strategic reports to Figma design libraries. I’m at my best developing and internally selling unified roadmaps and campaigns, then working hands-on with the creative team until a design vision is established, before finally stepping back to guide the results.

Selected work

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SCI-Arc, the renowned school of architecture, had a new administration intent on establishing global brand awareness. Launched identity and product campaigns for international outreach.

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In 2019, Ace Hotel Group launched Sister City, a downtown NYC hotel where guest interactions occurred exclusively through kiosks and custom apps. Led distributed, highly-specialized team on interactive brand strategy and product design for the hotel’s “brains.”